Friday, October 23, 2015

When my boss turned #40

Don't think of 40 as twenty years older than 20
Think of it as only 1 year older than 39
You are still looking quite fine
 Just like that old bottle of wine

 Although losing weight might get hard
Your hair may grow thin
But nothing has to keep you
From having a yummy big muffin

 Now you will tell your kids about your young days
And all the music you still think is hot
Now when someone offers you their seat
You will be more than willing to take and thank them a lot

 You will be lucky if you remember
Where you left your glasses last time
You will still pay many bills
But we pray that you have to pay for no pills

 I could go on but I won’t
Go pour yourself a beer
And have a very happy birthday
For it is all downhill from here

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Just Not Enough!

Are you living for the best or ‘just’ existing?
Are you taking risks or ‘just’ playing it safe?
Do you really matter to them or ‘just’ occupying a space in their lives?
Do you dare to dream of a change or ‘just’ change your dreams when it couldn't be done?

Are you standing strong beside her in love or ‘just’ saying that you love her?
Are you taking time to thank people who blessed you or ‘just’ remember the ones who let you down?
Do you cherish the good in life or ‘just’ lament over the bad?
Do you ever dance in the rain or ‘just’ wait for the storm to pass away?

Are you healing the pain of the needy or ‘just’ sitting with your own?
Are you dancing wildly when happy or ‘just’ scared of looking like a fool?
Do you enjoy the adventure of being alive or ‘just’ care where your stars were at birth?
Do you appreciate beauty in things others can’t see or ‘just’ call it ugly when they disgrace the same?

Are you gaining knowledge that will sustain you in life or ‘just’ falling away when times strike back?
Are you making friends forever or ‘just’ keeping them for the empty moments of life?
Do you live in today or ‘just’ dream of yesterday and vision your tomorrow?
Do you believe in yourself or ‘just’ leave everything to destiny?

Cause all that you are and all that you do is ‘just not enough’!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

When I don’t have words

Day before I thought I found my calling
With my first villanelle poem penned
So I sit today to write another
To this all my expertise I lend

And then I realize that no words flow
I write cruddy muck and backspace and delete
What I write sounds too awful to be read
And yet I feel no conceit

My poem is too bad to be called a poetry
And yet not so craptacular that it is good
It is poetic when it should not be
And yet too odious to be withstood

What does one do when she can’t write a good rhyme
And can’t write a bad rhyme either?
Does she write prose then?
Or from composing take a breather?

What can be worse than not being able to write;
not being able to write something that sucks enough?
Especially when you can’t even write things well
can life give you a better rebuff?

The villanelle poet relinquishes her throne
She decides to call it a day
and maybe it’s just in time too
because the fortnight ends tomorrow, they say!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Kill and say you lost control
Steal and say I have tried my best to change
Abort and say it was just a sleeping child
Consume drugs and say I was healing my pain

You are guilty each day of your week
You couldn’t stand to hear your own family speak
You robbed your life of its own breath
You murdered your dreams to death

The gunshots had no name, the fire followed no path
The abuse uttered for no reason, the terror had no aim
Only rivers of blood and cries of pain
And left untold was the tale of the crime

Came each time a weaponry new
Like never before the malignancy grew
Too often it was done, too often ended in no solution
And from one to another evilness bleeds like an ocean

A place in paradise is still what you claim for
By hiding behind the shadows of religion
A single step you take towards peace
With ten steps you go back to war

God saw it all, innocent never were we
The wrongs shall be made right for thee
Its time to heal, grow strong, true and mend
Take a deep breath and see what time sends

Friday, December 17, 2010

My wish

I wish for everything good …
But don’t want to pay the price or make the sacrifice
I wish I could win in the lotto and retire from work …
But that’s fantasy
I wish I could still walk out and face the rising sun…
Then watch it leave when it's done
I wish to consume almost anything involving joy into my brain…
Then let it reflect on my rain
I wish to take a step toward things that scare me…
And overcome what seems unrealistic
I wish to do something different everyday…
And create new goals to which I’ll hurry
I wish to enjoy the beauty of the stars at the end of the day…
And not let the tears spoil my vision or sour my thoughts
I wish to make my own list of things to do…
That always seemed not part of me
I wish I could still write about feeling good…
Even if I’m feeling bad
I wish to be loved, to be with you, to laugh with you all the time…
But this is ecstasy
So I wish…Is all I could wish

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Peace by Piece

In the land of the free
Far from the vengeful
Your arms dress for peace
And harmony wraps in nature’s cloak

Pray the miseries and pain never, never again should be felt
The city no more should see those ugly faces
The hate, the prejudice never reaches them in their dark retreat
The streets you wander reminds you of no bitterness within

You have crossed the sea and the justice is done
Its time to gather the pieces you have lost in time
The fetters no longer bound and the locks are broken
Live without a desire to perish and love another as you love yourself

Make a solemn promise to the child in your womb
Awaits a world so embracing and spreads the joy of living
Which even god was once ashamed to commit
When we were caught in agony that seemed to have no ending

Revenge would never again cut sore like a knife
Time will heal all and find some friendship now
The song of jubilation will be sung and oneness will dawn
‘Give peace a chance’ cries the generation

Humiliation has no victory and faith can’t be abandoned
To choose between peace of mind and a piece of heart
Questions your existence which is otherwise so difficult
So spare us this time, and let us breathe the freshness in the air

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Autumn came with the maple leaves colored brightly in yellow & red
Amidst the constant echoes of the butterflies & humming of the birds
The milder breeze is touching my soul but warning me of the winter cold
The nights turn pleasant & the silence breaks with avalanche of words

The days now I am living through are not long & darkness will soon prevail
Nestled close to the open fire I turn colder with the snow
Watching the moon duck in and out of the white cotton clouds
I am lying at ease with the depth of my own emptiness is all that they know

It is quiet tonight; light raindrops filter through the leaves
Washing away the dust, releasing fragrances in the air
On which the gentle breeze sweetens and water kisses the mud
The pile of dried up leaves that they touch can even get them peace so rare

Locked away behind iron clad doors, escaping the warmth of the summer sun
It has its own beauty though, foretold from the past
But the thirst and sweat stir within when basking in these warm years
Asking Mother Nature all day when will her summer days be done

Sound of the flute, Nightingale in the dale, Lark in the sky
Merry voice and infant noise welcome the season spring
The trays are up, the hedges broken down, the little early buttercups unfold
As I shuffle down the path, feel like its magic when I hear the festive bells ring